Collective Urbanism


The "Collective Urbanism" exhibition was created by the Paris Museum for Urbanism and Architecture Pavillon de l'Arsenal. It features 15 projects implemented in France and abroad, which have become examples of the creation or rethinking of an urban area with the participation of citizens. The exhibition showcases photographs and contains descriptions of specific case studies of spaces in cities in Europe and the United States, which have been modified using approaches and tools such as participatory design, tactical urbanism, temporary test solutions.

The projects presented at the exhibition are based on the principles of participation, the obligatory analysis of the actual territory use methods, work with different space scales and different time frames, the use of what already exists, and other methods.

The exhibition introduces examples of the ways to get people involved and join the efforts of various parties in city development projects, of building a productive dialogue between the residents, urbanists, and government officials.

In Russia, the exhibition has been prepared by the French Institute in Russia and the Pachenkov & Voronkova Bureau. In St. Petersburg, the exhibition is supported by the Competence Center of the Leningrad Region and the UP Center for Humanistic Urbanism of the European University at St. Petersburg. You can visit the exhibition on your own or with a guided tour. The tours are conducted by exhibition curators Kelly Ung and Laure Gayet (with Russian translation).