Children of the Sun (16+)

19:00 — 21:00
Main Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre 6 Ostrovsky sq., St. Petersburg

Maxim Gorky created first version of Children of the Sun in the winter of 1905 in the casemates of the Peter and Paul Fortress, where he was imprisoned for a sharp protest in connection with the events of January 9, 1905 — Bloody Sunday. But the very idea of the text arose earlier. Children of the Sun were part of the general reflections of the new century. Not only of the intellectuals' reflections about the ideal person, but also about the severing of human ties. It is no coincidence that Children of the Sun is often called «the most Chekhov's» of all Gorky's plays. However, in the stage story of Children of the sun there is a wide range of interpretations, the play was also seen as acutely social.

At the Alexandrinsky theatre Children of the Sun was staged only in 1976, Igor Gorbachev played the role of Protasov.

For Nikolay Roshchin Children of the sun has become the first appeal to Gorky's dramaturgy.

Protasov in Nikolai Roshchin's performance is played by Ivan Volkov. Those who are familiar with theater history can read in this a double meaning. From the one side Gorky's Pavel Fyodorovich Protasov is a literary inheritor of Fyodor Protasov from Lev Tolstoy's play "The Living Corpse". On the other side Ivan Volkov also plays Cyrano in Roshchin's production. Also, it is a known fact that Gorky has named his scenes being impressed by Edmond Rostan's play.

So, the artistic logic itself has led Roshchin to this play. The circumstances of the cholera epidemic during which the performance takes place are a little bit strangely and worryingly relevant. Though the main thing is that N. Roshchin's Children of the Sun is the modern view on a look at the dream of perfection and the search for happiness.