Panel Discussion

Brands in Culture: from Personal Branding to Country Positioning. Communication platform IPQuorum.Culture

14:20 — 15:40
Russian Museum of Ethnography 4/1 Inzhenernaya st., St. Petersburg

In the modern global information flow, brand has become a key to recognition and popularity, a significant component of the development in nearly every area of work, vital for the spread of cultural values, and a point of growth for the business projects. 

Experts who represent the major international organizations and leading cultural institutions will share their vision of the role of branding and the development strategies of various industries of culture. How are the strategies of promotion for both the globally renowned and newly developed cultural brands changing, in the age of high technologies? 

How can a brand become its country's emblem and shape the development of the cultural tourism? 

These and many other issues will be covered in the discussion featuring the distinguished Participants.