A Party as an Element of Culture

16:00 — 17:30
State Russian Museum: Marble Palace 5/1 Millionnaya st., St. Petersburg

After nearly two years of forced "abstinence", festivals and costume parties are back! Music, architecture, sculpture, painting, and media art have intertwined to become an integral part of the modern party scene. Organizing and directing parties has turned into a separate art form, and Russian capitals are now touring venues for world-famous electronic projects. What is the cultural code of modern balls?

Issues for discussion:

  • Emergence of new formats for electronic festivals: A transformation of fancy-dress balls of Imperial Russia
  • Innovations in organization of large-scale costume festivals and parties: Technologies, themes and formats that are in demand today
  • Russia as a trendsetter. Could Moscow and St. Petersburg become centers of event tourism for enthusiasts of classy nightlife from all over the world?
  • A concept, a script, dress-code, strict audience moderation, and other elements of organizing an unforgettable event. What new things are there to expect in the 2022 season?
  • How much does a ball cost? All about the financial side of the matter.