The organizers will award top three benefactors of Russia in the following nominations: "Patron of the Year", "Breakthrough of the Year", "Special Contribution to the Development of Russian Culture". The winners will receive honourable distinctions "For Benevolence", "Patron of the Year" diplomas, and Certificates of Acknowledgement of the Ministry of Culture of Russia for Substantial Patronage.

The “Patron of the Year” Award established by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, which is given to prominent philanthropists for supporting and financing projects, aimed at preserving cultural heritage of Russia. 

Individual, private entrepreneurs, enterprises and organizations, as well as cultural establishments taking part in the financing, development and implementation of culture and art projects can be nominated for the category "Patron of the Year".

The main goal of this event, which is being held for the sixth time is to revive and develop patron of arts traditions, develop charitable and art patronage programs on enterprises, establishments and organizations, as well as public initiatives in support of culture. The " Art Patron of the Year " title is awarded annually to outstanding philanthropists for their support and financial assistance to projects aimed at preserving Russia's cultural heritage.

"This prize recognizes achievements of many Russian philanthropists who support cultural projects and feel personal responsibility for preserving heritage sites, popularizing culture and art, making them understandable and accessible to thousands of Russians, most importantly, those across Russian regions. I am grateful to everyone who is involved in this noble endeavor!" Vladimir Medinsky said.