Culture Online

Culture Online

The "Culture Online" Award is intended to encourage cultural institutions that actively leverage online technologies, and to support key cultural projects actualized by cutting-edge IT means.

Cultural institutions, artistic unions, public organizations, associations, bloggers and other organizations that have accomplished their projects in the area of culture are invited to enter the contest. Rules and regulations for the "Culture Online" International Award.

In 2021, the Award will honor the best cultural projects launched after November 1, 2020, which operate online or rely on IT technologies. The number of nominations was increased to seven. Of particular note is that this year the award became international.

• Best Online Project 2021: projects that operate online. Theater, music, and cinema projects are eligible for the Award.

• Best Collaboration: online cultural projects implemented by two or more companies are eligible for the Award.

• Best IT-solution for the Cultural Sector: projects involving Blockchain technology or artificial intelligence, digital exhibitions implementing VR/AR, etc., are eligible for the Award.

• Best Social Media Campaign: blogs on the social media platforms, such as VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, Odnoklassniki, and others are eligible for the Award.

• Best Education and Outreach Project: education and outreach projects that offer online lectures, master classes, training courses, programs, etc., are eligible for the Award.

• Digital Transformation: from offline to online: projects that previously operated offline, but transformed into an online format during the pandemic, are eligible for the Award.

• Gamification and Culture: mobile apps, video games, or online games related to the cultural field are eligible for the Award.

Application deadline is October 22, 2021, 23:00 Moscow Standard Time (UTC +3).

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